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Angle and Corner Brackets

Discover our range of Corner Brackets and Heavy Duty Angle Brackets at Tradefix Direct. We stock an extensive range of steel and galvanised angle brackets available to choose from. If you’re not sure which angle bracket is right to buy for your application, then read our guide below:

Which angle brace do I need?

Angle brackets or corner braces are a versatile staple of construction. They can be a sturdy fixing in their own right, or you can use them to reinforce other fixing methods.

Choosing the right corner bracket is about balancing the various priorities of the project. Strength, fixing, material, corrosion resistance and visual appeal may all be considerations in your final choice, but it is important to make the right choice to ensure your project is safe, robust and built to last.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s the thickness of the metal which will determine the suitability of a corner brace for your application. Thinner steel angle brackets will typically suit lightweight applications such as shelving and furniture. Thicker steels are the right option when the work is more structural:

Application: Domestic shelving, cabinets, chairs etc

Angle brace? A zinc plated corner brace of under 2mm thickness should be fine for lightweight, indoor applications

Application: Small frames, interior fittings and furniture

Angle brace? Choose a light reinforced angle bracket for more demanding applications

Application: Rafter anchors, small trusses, cantilevers, headers etc

Angle brace? Structural applications require heavy duty angle brackets of 2.5mm thickness or more 

Which angle braces are suitable for outdoor use?

The simple rule of thumb when choosing a corner bracket for outdoor use is to choose dull over shiny. Matt metals are usually galvanised, which coats the metal in a zinc coating approximately 50 microns thick. Zinc plated angle brackets are, as the name suggests, also coated in zinc, but the coating is much thinner.

So when you’re working indoors and prefer a shinier, more aesthetically pleasing finish, opt for a zinc plate brace (providing it has the strength you require). For outdoor applications, opt for galvanised angle brackets as it will offer much greater corrosion resistance.

And for a combination of high corrosion resistance and/or visual appeal, choose stainless steel angle brackets.

How do I fix an angle brace?

Most of our corner brackets offer a choice of fixing options, and many are pre-drilled to accommodate nails, bolts or screws. Always choose a fixing appropriate to the application.


Buy angle brackets for lighter weight applications and you’ll find pre-drilled holes are usually countersunk. This is so that your fixings will sit flush with the plate. Heavier duty braces are not typically countersunk, reflecting the fact that the heavier duty the plate, the less aesthetics are likely to be part of the equation.

Buy angle brackets now from Tradefix Direct

For over 20 years we’ve been supplying angle brackets and corner braces from top brands such as BPC and Simpson to UK tradesmen and DIYers. Shop online with us today and get a free next day delivery on orders over £60 as well as large discounts on bulk orders.

We’re as committed to delivering exceptional service as we are great prices, and you’ll find both when you buy online or call us for advice. So if you’re not sure which corner brace is the right one for your project, call us now 0161 794 1783. We’ll be only too happy to help!


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