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Stainless Steel Nails

Find a great selection of stainless steel nails from trusted brands in our online store at Tradefix Direct. We have a great range of stainless steel cladding nails, stainless steel annular ring nails, and more. Available in a variety of sizes, colours, and types. Use the filter to the left to help narrow down your search.

About Stainless Steel Nails

Stainless steel nails have grown to become one of our most popular ranges of nails due to the popularity of cedar and larch cladding, in which stainless steel is the only finish that can be used for fixing the timber.

Stainless Steel Annular Ring Nails

The most common type of stainless steel nails we have in our online store are standard annular ring nails or “round heads”. These nails have a ribbed shank in order to maximise the grip and maintain a tight hold of the fixing. Each size of these nails features a defracted head to prevent a bright reflection. This is an important factor to consider if the nails are going to be visible as it can be unsightly.

We also offer two types of lost head nails: annular ring lost heads and normal smooth shank lost heads. Firstly, it is important to clarify what is meant by “lost head nails”. It would seem obvious that this would mean that the nail does not have a head, which is correct for most lost head nails. It actually refers to the purpose of the nail rather than the appearance. They are called “lost heads” because when hammered into the wood, the head gets “lost” and so they should not be visible to the naked eye. This is very important if you want to maintain a wooden look with your cladding.

The stainless steel annular ring lost head nails are very popular because they offer extra grip into the wood. This type of stainless steel nail does feature a very small head, but staying true to the name, they are designed so that the head gets “lost” into the wood and is not visible.

The other type of lost head stainless steel nail has a smooth shank and does not feature a head. As a result of this they are much lighter so you should get more in each kilo pack than the annular ring alternative.

Stainless Steel Clout Nails

If a large head is of importance to you then we offer clout nails, which often have a head diameter that ranges between 6mm to 9mm. They are like our standard stainless steel annular ring nails but with a slightly larger head. Clout head nails are more commonly used for securing roofing tiles and slates.

Stainless Steel Nail Finishes

Another factor that can be important in your choice of nails is the finish grade. Our stainless steel nails come in either A2 (304) or A4 (316) grade which refers to the level of corrosion resistance that the finish provides. A4 grade offers a higher corrosion resistance and is advised to be used in particularly damp areas like coastal regions. If your stainless steel nails will be used more towards the inland, then we advise purchasing A2 grade nails. You will find A4 stainless steel nail alternatives in our standard annular ring nail range – they are currently unavailable in the lost head variations.

Buy stainless steel nails online at Tradefix Direct

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