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Twinthread Screws

Unmatched Strength and Precision

Designed for robust and precise fastening, twinthread screws are ideal for a wide selection of construction tasks involving both softwood and hardwood. Explore our full range online at Tradefix Direct.

Twinthread Screws for Faster, Stronger Fixing

Our top-quality twinthread woodscrews are engineered for rapid and secure fixing. The dual threads provide faster driving and greater holding power, ensuring a reliable and efficient installation. To further optimise performance, make sure to choose the most suitable screw for the job. Our collection features various lengths and gauges, as well as a choice between countersunk or round heads.

Key Considerations When Choosing Twinthread Screws

  • Material Compatibility: Ensure the screws are suitable for the material you’re working with. Most twinthread screws are designed to use on wood but they can also work with wall plugs and plasterboard.
  • Length and Diameter: Select the right size for the required holding power and material thickness.
  • Drive Type: Choose a drive type that ensures easy installation and reduces the risk of cam-out.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Consider zinc-plated or stainless steel options for outdoor or humid environments.

Order Now for Efficient Construction Work

Equip yourself with the best fastening solutions for the job. Buy twinthread screws from Tradefix Direct and experience the difference in your construction work. We have bulk discounts available and free delivery on orders over £60.


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