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Expanding Foams

Perfect for a wide range of construction and insulation needs, browse our selection of expanding foam products online. Our range includes everything from fire-rated expanding foam to adhesive foams, as well as foam funs and gun cleaners.

  • What Is Expanding Foam Used For?

    Expanding Foam is a versatile material used for sealing, filling gaps, insulating, and soundproofing in construction projects. Whether using spray foam filler for insulation or fire-rated expanding foam for safety-critical applications, the foam expands to the shape of the space, creating an effective seal. Depending on the product, expanding foams can also be used for mounting and bonding materials.

    How to Choose the Right Expanding Foam

    • Application Specific: Different expanding foams are suitable for various tasks. For instance, Soudal Window and Door Expanding Foam is for use around windows and doors, while fire foams are best for enhanced safety.
    • Performance: Look in a product’s description for qualities like curing time, expansion rate, and durability.
    • Ease of Use: Quality foam guns are essential for precise application while foam gun cleaners are ideal for maintenance.

    High-Quality Expanding Foams from Tradefix Direct

    Our collection of expanding foams and spray foam fillers are designed to cater to the diverse and dynamic needs of the construction industry. Buy expanding foam online and receive discounts on bulk orders from Tradefix Direct.


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