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Hooks and Bands

Welcome to Tradefix Direct, your one-stop destination for high-quality hooks and bands to enhance the functionality and durability of your gates, garage doors, and stable doors. Explore our diverse range of products designed to meet the varying needs of your projects.


1. Straight Hooks and Bands

Ideal for straightforward installations, our straight hooks and bands provide a reliable solution for a range of applications.

2. Cranked Hooks and Bands

Perfect for hanging doors or gates flush with the frame or post, cranked hooks and bands offer versatility and strength for heavy-duty use.

3. Adjustable Hooks and Bands

Experience flexibility with our adjustable hooks and bands, allowing you to customize the fit for your specific requirements.

4. Reversible Hooks and Bands

For added convenience, our reversible hooks and bands provide flexibility in installation, ensuring a seamless fit for your doors and gates.


Choose the finish that suits your aesthetic preferences and offers optimal protection against the elements.

– Hot Dipped Galvanised

Explore the durability of hot-dipped galvanised finishes, perfect for withstanding the rigors of outdoor use.

– Black

Add a touch of sophistication with our black-finished hooks and bands, combining style with robust performance.

– Zinc Plated

Opt for the corrosion-resistant properties of zinc-plated finishes, ensuring longevity in various environments.


Our hooks and bands come in a range of sizes to accommodate your specific project needs.

– From 250mm to 1200mm

Find the perfect fit with sizes ranging from 250mm to 1200mm, ensuring compatibility with a variety of doors and gates.

Mostly Used For

Our hooks and bands find their application in various scenarios, with a primary focus on:

  • Gates
  • Garage Doors
  • Stable Doors

Choose Tradefix Direct for reliable, durable, and versatile hooks and bands. Elevate the performance and longevity of your doors and gates with our premium selection.


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