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Post Bases & Supports

Find a great range of Post Bases and Supports at Tradefix Direct. We offer a great selection of adjustable elevated post bases, post spikes, and concealed post bases at competitive prices. Read our guide on post supports below to discover more.

Do you really need to buy post bases?

Generally, if you want to achieve a more stable, longer lasting and better looking result, yes you do need to buy post bases.

In well-drained, well-compacted ground, you may be able to get away with concreting fence posts directly into the ground. But it’s important to know this approach comes with some hefty caveats:

    • Even well preserved timbers will eventually rot, especially in boggy, poor-draining land. Fence post spikes, for example, will help you achieve similar levels of sturdiness for a typical garden fence whilst protecting the post.
    • The ground needs to be even
    • Aesthetically, this is never going to be the most attractive approach
    • In windy areas, the posts may eventually work free if post supports are not used.

Post base options

Tradefix Direct’s fence post supports come in a range of types, each with their own specific applications.

Post spikes

No digging. No concrete. No faff. When you want your fence up fast, post spikes let you get the job done. Ideal for the flat ground of domestic gardens. Simply drive the spike into the ground (ensuring it goes in straight) until only the collar is visible, then slot the post into the spike and tighten the collar.

Post spikes are suitable for most ground conditions, and a favourite with landscape gardeners and fencing contractors who use spikes to get the job done faster.   

Post bases

Post bases offer a robust post support strength when fixing to hard surfaces. They are ideal for fixing the flat post base bolts to the concrete or other hard standing area. Available as bolt down post shoes or as an adjustable elevated post base to stand proud of the ground.

Concealed post supports

Choose a concealed post base for the finest finishes. It creates a clean look by hiding the support within the post. Elevated standoffs protect the base of the post from decay. Ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Additional Options

If your project is more refined and requires a little more finesse, then you might want to use the Simpson Strong Tie concealed post bases CPT44Z or the CPT66Z. The CPT44Z is designed to take posts 89mm to 100m whilst the CPT66Z will take posts sizes 133mm to 150mm. The concealed post base provides a very neat and clean look with only 25mm of the black powder-coated finish on view. 

Shop for post bases and supports at Tradefix Direct

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