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Joist Hangers

Discover our selection of Joist Hangers at Tradefix Direct. We offer a wide selection of builders’ metalwork including jiffy hangers and angle brackets. Choose from a variety of options like timber to masonry and timber to timber joist hangers.

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Which Joist Hangers Are Right For You?

With so many options to choose from, which are the right hangers for you? Read our guide below to find out.


Load is always the first consideration when buying jiffy hangers.  In addition to determining size, it may also determine the type. Our Simpson face fix joist hangers, for example, will typically support a lesser down load than a top-flange mount. They won’t demand the same sort of access requirements that a top-flange hanger will.

Our face fix joist hangers will also typically have higher uplift loads and you can install them once the joist is in place. Then there are also mini joist hangers that are light-duty hangers ideal for smaller joists. These are most often used in decking projects and loft conversions

Bear in mind also that the load tolerances for each will vary depending on the materials that you use.


The plans may call for innovative angles, sloping roofs and adventurous flying buttresses. When you’re the one bringing the plans to life, you’ll welcome a little help. That’s where our skewed and sloped joist hangers come in, giving you the construction freedom to escape the traditional right angle.

Some of our timber joist hanger solutions are available with a set slope of 45°. Other, adjustable joist hangers, enable you to achieve custom angles as required. Our ‘Strong-Tie’ adjustable Simpson joist hangers provide maximum support for wood, composite timber and even concrete and steel.


You’ll need to use different types of joist brackets depending on the materials you are connecting. Timber to timber products will differ from timber to masonry in a range of ways. Not least the fact that they’re typically designed for heavier loads. Most notably, timber to masonry joist hangers will have wide top flanges to increase the contact surface area.

Some joist brackets, such as our Simpson Strong-Tie, feature embossed top flanges to increase their ability to key to mortar.

In contrast, our galvanised mini joist hangers are ideal for lighter applications. These include timber trim, rectangular section ceiling joists, and even decking.

Find ideal heavy-duty joist hangers at Tradefix Direct

When you’re looking for top quality, unbeatable prices and leading brands, Tradefix Direct is the place for you. We stock the best top quality builders metalwork and offer a huge variety of joist and jiffy hanger and joist bracket options. In our stock you’ll find anything from heavy-duty joist hangers to adjustable joist hangers. Choose from a selection of products by industry leading brands such as Simpson, BPC, Sabrefix and more.

We also offer free next day delivery on orders over £60 and large discounts on bulk orders. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn points and rewards from your purchases. Sign up for an account with us and get access to our exclusive rewards scheme.


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