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Discover our extensive range of Woodscrews at Tradefix Direct. We pride ourselves on having one of the most extensive range of size of wood screws that you can buy online. Countersunk and pan head woodscrews are available in a variety of sizes at extremely low trade prices! Use the filter to the left to help narrow down your search.

Wood screws for all applications

If you’re searching for top-quality woodscrews in the UK at a great value, you’ll find an unbeatable choice here. But with lots of clever features, how do you know which is the right screw for you?

There’s far more that goes into the humble wood screw than you might think. So, if your toolbox is bursting with loose screws and you’re not sure why one seems to drive more easily than the next, the answer might be here:

Cam out

You know cam-out. It’s the frustrating slip of the screwdriver head that wastes time with every screw. To reduce cam-out, look for a deep recess of the sort you’ll find on our Timco C2 wood screws.

Cut the cracking

Some timbers risk splitting and cracking unless you predrill. But choose high performance options, like our Heco Topix woodscrews, and you’ll avoid cracks on all timbers and avoid the time lost in pre-drilling.

Our Spax screws also offer similar crack-free benefits because they push aside the fibres of the wood, rather than carve them up.

Top torque

Traditional pozi wood screws may be great for general use, but when you want multipurpose with simple, speedy driving choose the additional torque of Heco Fix Plus screws. Heco Fix screws have a clever coating and toothed thread that provide maximum torque and screwing speed not only on wood, but also plastic, masonry and sheet metal.

Neat finish

Want speedy driving and a neat finish from your screw? Timberfix 360 screws deliver powerful torque and have ribs under the head that help countersink the screw, delivering a smarter finish.

Timberfix countersunk woodscrews also give you great versatility, being suitable for most hardwoods.


Do you know the frustration of not being able to achieve a clean joint because the screw keeps pushing waste down into the hole? No one likes a jacked screw, but Timberfix (and Timberfix’s Torx woodscrews) are self-cleaning, removing waste so there’s nothing to get in the way of a tight, clean joint.

Which woodscrews are right for your project?

Should you use twin thread screws for your project? Would square drive woodscrews be a better bet? What’s the best brand for your material – perhaps Spax? Heco? Timco? Or Timberfix 360?

If you need any help choosing the right screws for your project, call us on 0161 794 1783 and we will be happy to assist. Shop for Torx and Pozi woodscrews with us today and get great discounts on bulk orders. Sign up for a free trade account with us and get access to exclusive rewards.


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