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Simpson Strong-Tie

The leading manufacturer of builders metalwork.

Simpson Strong-Tie Joist Hangers

Simpson Strong-Tie is the leading manufacturer of joist hangers in the UK. At Tradefix Direct, we offer a full range of Simpson joist hangers in a variety of types and sizes. These include popular options such as timber-to-timber and timber-to-masonry joist hangers. We also stock the “SAE” hangers (commonly referred to as multi-truss hangers).

The Simpson standard leg timber to timber jiffy hangers are equipped with an innovative speed prong. This prong allows you to drive the joist into the wood with a hammer, holding it securely in place while you attach the fixings.

The leading manufacturer of
builders metalwork.

Simpson Engineered Restraint Straps

The Engineered Simpson Restraint Straps are a replacement of both heavy duty and light duty standard straps. They feature a curved structure on the bend, which reinforces the strength of the strap without the need for the 5mm thick steel which is found on the standard heavy straps. As less steel is used, manufacturing costs are reduced, allowing for a cheaper alternative to the standard straps.

Simpson Post Bases

We offer a very popular range of Simpson Strong-Tie post bases at low trade prices. The Simpson concealed post bases provide a clean and tidy look, with a 25mm stand off from the ground to reduce the decay of the post. With the adjustable bases, you can configure the base height from between 100mm to 150mm. Click the link on the right to read our blog to find out why post supports are a popular choice among homeowners, builders, and contractors.

FAQs for the Simpson Strong-Tie Range

Traditionally, the width of single joists are typically 50mm (2 inches) and the width of double joists are typically 100mm (4 inches), however, almost all timber merchants sell joists slightly less than what is referred to. Therefore, single joists are usually around 45mm (5mm smaller) and double joists are usually 90mm (10mm smaller). We advise using the 47mm wide joist hangers for single joists and  91mm joist hangers for doubles.

Normally, the sizes in the title of the joist hanger products refer to the size of the joist to be used, rather than the dimensions of the hanger itself. For example, an adjustable joist hanger could be named “Adjustable Joist Hanger – 47 x 270mm”, which means that the width of the joist can be up to 47mm and the height of the joist can be up to 270mm.  This can cause confusion to customers, because the height of the joist hanger is smaller that 270mm, therefore, we have named our adjustable hangers on the height of the joist hanger (47 x 237mm).

This is different for masonry joist hangers because they are not adjustable, therefore, the sizing in the title refers to the size of the joist to be used. In some cases, the height in the title is 10mm higher that the joist hanger itself.

The most common hole size on Simpson Strong-Tie metalwork is 5mm.  The sheradised square twist nails at 30mm and 40mm are usually fine when fixing to wood (most specification sheets list 30mm sheradised square twist). However, Simpson recently released a new range of screws called CSA Connector Screws, which offer a more secure fixing that can withstand heavier weight loads. The 4 x 30mm screw is the most popular because it fits most of the hole sizes on metalwork. These fixings (sheradised square twist nails and CSA screws) can be used on joist hangersrestraint strapsangle bracketsnail plates etc.

Some joist hangers have 13 and 11mm bolt holes to suit M12 and M10 bolts respectively. We advise that coach bolts are used for timber and masonry bolts are used for concrete and masonry substrates. Please ensure that you read any technical data sheets to match load bearing requirements.

For most restraint strap manufacturers, light duty straps are specified at 2.5mm thickness and heavy duty straps are 5mm. However, the real sizes are usually slightly less than this (usually around 2mm for light duty and 4.2mm for heavy duty).